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LighthouseThere was an officer in the Navy who had always dreamed of commanding a battleship. He finally achieved that dream and was given commission of the newest and proudest ship in the fleet. One stormy night, as the ship ploughed through the seas, the Captain was on duty on the bridge when off to the port he spotted a strange light rapidly closing with his own vessel. Immediately he ordered the signalman to flash the message to the unidentified craft; "Alter your course 10 degrees to the south." Only a moment had passed before the reply came, "Alter your course 10 degrees to the north." Determined that HIS ship would take a back seat to no other, the Captain snapped out the order to be sent,

"Alter course 10 degrees -- I am CAPTAIN."

The response beamed back, "Alter your course 10 degrees -- I am seaman Third Class Jones."

How infuriated, the Captain grabbed the signal light with his own hands and fired off,

"Alter course, I am a battleship."

The reply came back, "Alter your course, I am a lighthouse."

This point was simple, no matter how big or important any of us think we are, God's Word stand forth as an unchanging beacon. All other courses must be altered to His.