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involved1504Wesley Autrey took action when others wouldn't.

Wesley is the New York City man who jumped on the subway tracks when a man having a seizure faced sure death as a subway sped toward his helpless body. Wesley said later that he knew something needed to be done and “I'm the only one to do it.”

Wesley jumped on the tracks, rolled with the man to a hole and covered the man's body with his own. The subway train just barely skimmed the body of Wesley as it passed over the two men.

Cameron Hollopeter is alive today because a man took action and got involved in the life of another. I believe Wesley when he said he thought, “I am the only one to do it.” Most will watch tragedy with onlooker curiosity, but very few will get involved in the life of another. And nothing I could write will most likely change that instinct.

However, the greater tragedy is this: many not only watch the lives of others helplessly unfold without getting involved, but also watch their own lives unfold as spectators and fail to get involved in their own lives and destiny!

Take a lesson from a New York City hero and get involved in life! Get involved in your OWN life. Jump on the tracks of life today and don't be a bystander. Be courageous with your ideas, set goals, dare to be rejected, dare to fail, dare to look like a fool, dare to lose it all and dare to get involved in your own life.

You don't have to jump in front of a subway train to get involved in your life—but you do need to get involved.Jump on the tracks of life and don't be a bystander in your own life.

Ron White