Recently, I was speeding down a flight of stairs and had the brilliant idea of skipping over a couple steps for sake of time. Let's just say it wasn't my finest moment. Thankfully, my tumble down the stairs only left me with a bruised knee and a bruised ego. And I guess a funny story that still makes me laugh!

Beyond the laughter, there is a lesson: Each step to our destination is an important one. If we try to skip over necessary steps, it will only lead to unnecessary pain.

There’s no...

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I’m not a fan of selfies. I can’t seem to master the right angle or the right lighting, and choosing the right filter can be down right exhausting!

And yet, we live in a selfie world. In fact, so many selfies are taken each day that we are referred to as the ‘selfie generation’.

This sounds like more than a mere love for photography. Perhaps this selfie obsession is really a heart admission.

Let’s be honest: not only are we prone to excessive self-photography; we are prone to excessive...

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