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For this Canadian lad, Josh Rempel, 16, of Calgary, Alberta, 1998 was the year he found faith in God. Last August he had an argument with his mother about religion. To show his non-belief he told her in no uncertain terms, "May God strike me down with lightning!"
The very next day, Josh was struck by lightning.
He peered through a 2" hole burned in his hat by the lightning bolt and said with a smile, "I believe in a higher being now. I was spared!"
Some may call this pure coincidence. Regardless, Josh Remple lived to tell the story and be in many newspapers across the land. His story has the shadow of urgency, however. Not 24 hours after his comment, he was struck by lightning.
This miracle may not be as dramatic as yours in your quest to find God. While He is easily accessible to anyone who will seek Him, most of us don't recieve such an obvious response.
We all have doubts at various times, but God demands that we search for Him. Isaiah 55:6 asks that we seek the Lord while He may be found. The key word here is "while." It denotes urgency. God may not always be around to be searched for. There may come a time when life becomes too busy or too haunting for you and your search for God won't make any sense to you. Only when you have a searching heart, an inquiring mind, open ears and eyes will you be able to find Him. And God doesn't mind if you ask Him questions either. Isaiah 1:18 says, "Come, let us reason together." Yes, we all doubt at times, as Josh Rempel will testify, but let us seek God while He may be found and we will be spared as well.
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