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100 PesosA true story of a little boy who thirsts for attention. There was a little boy who was perplexed about life. It seems he could not help doing things that would call attention to his antics. He would get things and he would do things that would irk the other kids in the boarding school no end. Whenever something was amiss, it became prevalent for everyone to surmise that he would be the culprit. One September evening, in the place where he lived, he unexpectedly received a pack of fried salted peanuts from the person in authority. The bag of peanuts in hand, the little boy stood in awe, he did not know what to say. He could not believe that he was worth this much attention without him doing anything at all! He went back to his sleeping quarters feeling happy and in a daze. Shortly, he came out of his room and he in turn, surprised the kind Peanut Giver with a "gift " of his own. He gave the Peanut Giver the "gift"------wrapped in white writing paper saying softly: " I found this." Then he timidly walked away. He left behind a speechless Peanut Giver who uncovered a folded 100 Peso bill...!!! Was the money really found by the little boy ? Or ... ?
The Peanut Giver would like to think that the little boy felt he was valued, so he was encouraged to do good, so he did the right thing.

Nellie Sonido Feng